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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. M4A4 has 30 bullets and less damage output, and the spray pattern is longer. You need to see for yourself with what you are comfortable the most. 4. Jacob804. Mar 5, 2018 @ 11:31am Originally posted by GeRy: im interested to your stuff's so add me to trade, and im willing to overpay for just the sake of my. The M4A4 is a fictional name for a version of the M4A1 Carbine with a shortened upper receiver, making it more suitable for close quarters combat. Only Counter-Terrorists can buy this weapon, while Terrorists must resort to picking it up off the floor after firefights. Unlike M4's in previous CS games this weapon does not have a silencer. 10/11/39 · CS:GO M4A1-S vs M4A4 Stats. Let’s put these two bad boys head to head. The stats are virtually identical, with a $3100 cost, $300 reward for each kill and 33 damage. The M4A4 stands out for having much higher ammo. The M4A1-S is much more accurate while moving and offers a silencer to mask your position on the map.

If you’re a fan of the M4A4 like the majority of CS:GO players are, you want the a great skin to use on the skin, but want to avoid paying loads. Here are our 10 best looking M4A4 skins CS:GO has to offer as of August 2019, all under 10 dollars. 1. M4A4 Faded Zebra - Field Tested. "Starting today, CS:GO items received in trade will have the same seven-day trade cooldown as items purchased in-game or via the Steam Community Market." We and thousand others! believe this change should be reverted as soon as possible as this essentially kills trading. M4A4 Weapon Guide CS:GO. The M4A4 is the default weapon of choice for Counter-Terrorists in CS:GO, only to be surpassed by its Terrorist counterpart, the AK-47, due to it’s lack of one-shot-kill ability against opponents with helmets only 90 damage.Still, you should aim to master both, since you will use them in most of your games. As a bonus the M4A4 lets you move the fastest among. The deal breaker is that the meta is to use the M4A4. You might think its not a big deal, but since much more people are using the M4A4, you will still have to practice with it because it is a lot more likely for you to be dropped an M4A4 by your teammates or find one on the ground from a dead CT than an M4A1-S.

The M4A1 has 5 less rounds than the M4A4 in each magazine, and only have 3 spare magazines upon purchase. Its damage, penetration, armor penetration, fire rate, and all other stats are identical to that of the M4A4. Unlike the M4A4, the M4A1-S is equipped with a suppressor that is. 13/09/40 · M4A4 Skins – Explained. M4A4 is one of the most common CSGO skins is widely used in any pro or casual game of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This means you will be seeing it A LOT, so it may be best to get your favorite skin and slap it on your M4A4. There are as much as 29 CSGO M4A4 skins available. Some are quite common. Buy StatTrak™ M4A4 Asiimov Field-Tested. Easy and Secure with Skinbay. Your CS:GO Marketplace for Skins and Items.

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